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Eyes in the Dark

by Svoboda on 13/JUN/12 | Back to Svoboda's Media

“I think I'm being stalked by a tree. >.>”

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Second Life

Second Life (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 24/JUN/03
Emblem for Genome

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Is that at Dharma's
Dire Treant?
It's not DarkDharma's Haunted Mansion. It's a completely different haunted sim, most of which is a dire forest.
In Soviet Dire Forest.. kindling lights YOU
Don't axe.
Axe not, haunt not.
Bravo! Take a bough, you deserve it for going out on a limb there.
*lumbers off the stage*
You wood have to say that.
@HitGirl Isn't it your job to point out that the tree is naked?
This thread has more tree puns than you can shake a stick at

Ooh! I've got to get some video of that barking cat for YouTube!
*planks for the camera*
You seem to have grown board with this topic.
It wood seem so. How many times must I log in just to see what you stick on this board?
I wood knot know.
*pokes the thread with a stick*
*bats at the stick, then bites it in half*
I guess I need a bigger stick.
Sounds like you're going to have to take him behind the woodshed.
If she and I go behind the woodshed, I'm the one bringing the stick.
Oh GOD stop it with the tree puns!! Trees are not that funny! If a tree fell in the forest no one would give a $%^&*!!!!

Now if you'll excuse me I need to leaf.
We tried to branch off into thinly-veiled innuendo, but now you want us to stick to the subject?
Treefifty says it woodn't be long before someone said something that just axed to be punned.
Don't axe, don't fell.
@Svoboda oh go walk off a plank.......or in your case twirl off.

Still though, you got some moves, if you loosened up a bit. You're too wooden and stiff looking.
She's waiting for somebody to yell, "timber," so she can finish falling.
"I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK..." Can't get this song out of my head now after this thread. *Butters another scone*
At least there's nothing wrong with her dressing in women's clothing and hanging around in bars.
as opposed to......what?

Dressing up as a clown and walking into a Bullpen?

By the way, that probably won't end well.
Rodeo clowns do it all the time.
What if I dress in men's clothing and hang around im bars?
@Svoboda Are you a lumberjack? In that case, you're OK
But she neither sleeps all night nor works all day.
@LordXenophon Bwaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahhaaahahaha
I'd say ur being weird again, but you'll just say it's more Monty Python.
We probably would, because it is.
@Svoboda Do you ever stop dancing? I mean, you GOTTA pee one day.
One thing about dancing in Second Life is she can run off for a bathroom break without anyone noticing.
I think I'd get sick if all I did for a dance move was spin around 24/7.
She's not dancing she's falling. That's her falling animation.
it still looks like she's dancing.
So you're discussing that thread in this thread?
I know right?!
Things like thet happen when Wastey is around.
Isn't that Benten? I'm sure I've seen a lot of trees like that there.
Yes, this screenshot is from Benten Manor.
Benten Forest was on the log-in page today.
It's also on the SLopoly board.
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