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Common Sense

by Svoboda on 01/OCT/11 | Back to Svoboda's Media

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City of Heroes

City of Heroes (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 27/APR/04
Emblem for Genome

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Truest poster I've ever seen.
It looks like this site doesn't allow internal links.
I love deadpool.
Is that who that is? I thought it was Grifter.
No, although the design is similar, Grifter has an open top face cowl, compared to the full face mask Deadpool wears.

What? I used to be a comic nut. Well, technically I still am in a sense. All this useless info and all.
You forget I'm one of those people who posts about the MMORPG for comic book nuts all the time. Deadpool just isn't usually in any of the ones I read. The only one I can think of is the one where he gets his butt kicked by Squirrel Girl.
the greatest hero of all time.

She's beaten Galactus, Doom, and I think Thanos. Also, she proudly carries around her nut sack.

You know, since she's Squirrel Girl......
Being defeated by a squirrel is so funny, it's a super power.
Common sense is the rarest of super powers.
Yeah it's like winning the lottery. TWICE. :P
I have a hard time believing that Deadpool has Common Sense.
I love this image.
I'd say something about that last comment, but my common sense is tingling.
Deadpool has some other kind of sense he thinks is common sense. I think it's a vestigal conscience or something.
I think he just sensed an opportunity to make a bad Spider Man reference.
You mean his sense of humor was tingling?
His Non-Sense was tingling.
I am so stealing this poster!
@Wastelander-75 There's no such thing as "used to be" a comic nut. Once a comic nut, always a comic nut.
I guess that's true.
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