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Gorillas in the Myst

by Svoboda on 18/MAY/09 | Back to Svoboda's Media

“I have no idea who made this, but I just had to share.”

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Comments: 31
Myst [DOS]

Myst [DOS] (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/First-Person Graphic Adventure
Release Date:
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Myst was so pretty!
Haha is that Donky Kong running around in the trees?!
lol. that's cute.
LOL! that IS cute.
Man, that is priceless!
This is great! You should have associated this with Myst.
Brilliance! I loved Myst, and this helps it out. :P
ROFL I have to save this one.
Animated desktop background?
Thanks for the poke. It's associated with Myst now.
Thanks for all the ratings and comments, too! =^-^=
Close one, DK!
Holy frijole! That is funny!
Thanks, Yugo, but I'm not the one who posted it. :P
This picture just became my best desktop art ever! :D
That is pretty good.

*saves it to a thumb drive*
Why did I get nudged about my own image? :D
OMG that's awesome!
I bet DK can kick that gator's ass.
Sounds like you haven't played DK, or you'd know DK wouldn't win that fight.
He can kick Mario's ass, and Mario can kick the gator's ass, ergo DK can kick the gator's ass.
Cogito, ergo simian?
Your jokes are getting nerdier every day, Svo.
I wonder when we'll see another game with DK in it.
Probably soon. Everything under the sun is getting remade these days.
That's because there's a serious creativity shortage these days.
It's not so much that there's a shortage of original, creative writers. The problem is that there are now hundreds of TV channels hogging all the writers. Remaking an old movie is an easy way around that problem. You use an old script, make some minor changes, and pack the theater with modern special effects, better acting, the latest stars and better music.
Some of those changes aren't exactly minor. For example, I don't remember The Land of the Lost being a slapstick comedy.
Good point. That's an even bigger change than when they had Ras al Gul appear with the Scarecrow instead of Talia.
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