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Tetris Construction Company

by Svoboda on 01/JUN/09 | Back to Svoboda's Media

“I found this on a French website.”

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Tetris (PC)

Genre/Style: Puzzle/Action Puzzle
Release Date:
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What the?
ROFL! That will make a pretty building!
LOL!!! when do they come out with the colour version? ;)
Nice! That's awesome.
LOL I love that!
If they complete a floor, does it vanish?
Do they deliver the blocks by train, one at a time?
That is just too cool!
@LordXenophon I Know I'm late, but

No, They are drop shipped =D
Just-In-Time delivery.
@TamaraLane Just a little late there my dear :P
@Mishy Yeah, but I had never noticed this post before =/
@Mishy Besides, you aren't the only one who can necro threads
@TamaraLane I only necro forum posts :P
Yay That means the threads are ll mine =b
Demonologists also get Necromancy?
Most casters at least get a single-target rez of some kind, eventually.
@ShonenBlade Did you mean to post that on the Age of Conan thread?
@TamaraLane feel free to have them, I'll only reply if I am subscribed though :P
@Mishy Is there much activity down in the basement? I haven't looked in a while.
@TamaraLane if you mean the forums, I think I gave up on them now anyway
@Mishy Yeah, I refer to them as the basement since they moved them to the bottom of the page, & made visiting there kinda like not convenient.
So the other links are the attic?
Are you pointing at the other links, Lakshmi?
She's pointing at Mishy. It's all his fault.
This looks like it could be a promo for Sim Tetris.
AceOfSpace, are you holding up an invisibility prim?
LOL I haden't thought of it that way, but I guess it is, except it doesn't really work that way because it's black on some pages.
When the background is not black, I mean.
I noticed it's black on your profile page. It might have something to do with why the profile backgrounds aren't working.
What happens if you hold your sign in front of Svoboda's top?
You see her blue chair?
I was thinking of the alpha overlay bug in Second Life.
The alpha overlay bug makes transparent objects vanish only where the next object behind them is also transparent. Holding a transparent sign in front of my top would only make the sign disappear.
So no change, then.
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